Monday, January 2, 2012


Last year was an interesting year, health-wise.  I began the year pregnant, which precluded any weight loss.  I then had a baby, which meant learning to live with two children.  The first three months were all about healing and dealing with not enough sleep.  During that time, though, I did buy an exercise bike, which I have been faithfully using several times a week since then. 

I also started being more strict with myself in my diet.  I eat more fresh vegetables, and limit my intake of white grains and sugars.  With those efforts, I have lost 20 pounds.

My overriding goal for last year was to eat two desserts per week.  I did really well until Christmas.  The plethora of sweets surrounding me, combined with a lack of my own kitchen, my own cooking, and my own comfort foods, led to disastrous results.  I did like the goal, though.  It was doable, and it worked to decrease my desire for sweets.

This year, I will continue with my goal of only eating two desserts per week.  This year, maybe I can make it through Christmas.  I will change one thing, though.  The words of the goal will not change:  My goal is to eat no more than two desserts each week.  As an underlying strategy, however, I will try to eat one very small dessert at the beginning of the week.  The idea is that by eating a cookie or a piece of candy, I will be barring myself from eating two large bowls of ice cream, thus cutting the amount of calories I consume each week.  It's a good plan, I think. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. Good job, Chelsea! I like your current background on here. Very stylish and gorgeous!