Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Benefits of a New House

I like my new house.

In the master bathroom, there is a mirror. This mirror is, I believe, tilted down ever so slightly. This has the marvelous effect of making my waist look significantly smaller than it actually is. It's a good feeling every morning.

Also, this house comes with the benefit of needing many things fixed. This means that I get to spend lots of time digging, and pulling, and scrubbing, and building. All of this adds up to more calories burned.

Of course, there's also the horse issue. Ryan has firmly told me that a horse is a big responsibility. It is my job to feed him morning and night, and to play with him at least twice a week. That's an extra 3-4 hours per week that I have to be outside, on my feet and away from food.

I like my house.

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